What is a dual sim android

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List of Dual SIM Mobile Phones in India with their lowest online prices. Find the best products from this list through our advanced filters and check detailed specifications.

If you want to take advantage of two good carrier plans at once, use one number for family and friends and another for work, or simply cant resist that great new data plan, but your contract still has mileage left in it, a decent dual SIM phone might come to the rescue, and, with Android, you dont have to sacrifice on apps and features

2/28/2013 · Why you want a dual-SIM phone. Acers Liquid Z2 and the Alcatel One Touch Star went midrange and Samsung gave us a complete Android A dual-SIM

In unserem Artikel mit den besten Dual-SIM-Smartphones findet Ihr empfehlenswerte Android-Smartphones mit moderner Software zum kleinen Preis.

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